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Suspended Planes, 2015, Installation, Configurations 1.0-4.0, Culver City, CA, Two square planes, one clear and one glossy black paint, suspended by tension from which nails affix twine to the wall. Painted gold clamps grasp each corner, as twine slips through, a projection of hands touching themselves as light passes onto, through, and around the planes as a meditation on words written by Kafka, “We photograph things in order to drive them out of our minds.”  The work expands the nature of the photographic image into a physically experienced, dimensional space. Centralizing an illuminated and flickering corner with double planes of plexi, emphasize the hovering and pointing qualities of image making, and sensual experiences of an image. In a single-reflex system, such a quote appears articulated from observable reality, as each configuration assigning a new variable, shows the limits of such a system. Viewers are able to physically navigate this single reflex system, with the aim to point to multiple systems of the their bodies to enable and dismantle a singular-reflex system. The final configuration 4,0 leading to a direct experience of the single-reflex planes obfuscation of bodily projection.


Materials 1.0 Twine, nail, clamp, gold and black gloss paint, two panels of acrylic 40.64 x 40.64cm 2.0 Same as above with projected light 3.0 Same as above with projected video 4.0 Same as above with projected video



















4 thoughts on “SUSPENDED PLANES”

  1. Amazing on so many levels! One intriguing aspect is that what is visible is only possible because of where the observer is and where the observer looks.

    The presence of the suspended square planes stimulates one to feel suspended and then immediately to confront the reality that is how we live in the world, suspended, on a planet that is suspended.

    We are part of that planet’s nature system and how others see us happens because of where they stand and where they look.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts David! These are precisely the things I was thinking about when making this installation. You gave a strong sense of faith the art documentation was alright (wish I had been more formal about that). I would so enjoy to make this installation again in another space. Fingers crossed 🙂 Thank you again!

      1. . I think this installation would work well in an outdoor setting or public space, to return to the earlier subject of art in public space.

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