Sjkel Shell Sjel


Understanding the meaning of soul, confounded me and philosophers for centuries. One summer day while solo bathing at Bygdøy sjøbad I came to a solid discernment that the shell is both the soul and not the soul- that the container for the soul and the container itself contain the soul.

As with many of understandings come through follied logic, the etymology and meaning of words I posit have an origin within the body. The tongue attempts to make a mental mark with the sound transmission. Pointing toward and uttering sounds to convey “that” or “is”. Of course once the soul has passed, we have only the shell as a remaining reminder of the soul that once coursed through. In the instance of some materials, even a hardened shell can become ground down and return to dust.

In shorter form:   Sjkel is the Norwegian word for Shell. Sjel is the Norwegian word for soul.

In a wordgame, the mark between a shell and a soul is the form: K.