VERERI (ongoing)

  • 2018, Laid to Rest


VERERI, 2012 – ongoing, film photography, sizes noted under images. Verēri, a latin word with an english translation to fear. The images of stillness create a sensual immersion in the visual field. The Verēri series looks into the ways fear comes to be understood. Residing in a relationship with the subjective senses and the environment, within quiet moments of nature, where can reasons for fear appear?

Evoking psychological spaces to look at the art of the psyche, the nuance between fear and reverence emerges through time spent looking. Where in these images can be found the motivation to dominate nature? Memory becomes the latent image, a recollection of the way Fear inspires control.

Looking upon the landscape images, nature as a subject and objective is and asks for contemplation. Objective reality being that which exists no matter what is thought or believed about it. To discuss nature and our relation with nature, we must prepare to consider brutality and grandeur. That a reverence for nature and our relation with the environment reflects our relations with Memory, residing in ourselves.

The images are made to inscribe impressions within the viewer, in the way optics and perception weave themselves not into a new memory, but a remembering of the foundational motive of human nature, with or without ideas, remains one and of nature itself.



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